Meet the Team

Each patient at Rojas & Fields Orthodontics is unique and deserving of orthodontic care tailored specifically to their individual needs.  Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit us. We are pleased to welcome you to the Rojas & Fields Orthodontics family - let's ROCK YOUR SMILE!

Veronica - Manager/Treatment Coordinator

Veronica has helped patients navigate their smile journey for more than 14 years as an office manager and treatment coordinator.  At Rojas & Fields Orthodontics, she educates patients and their families about orthodontic care, works to make treatment financially accessible, and ensures a great experience overall.  Veronica and both of her awesome kids have been orthodontic patients - she is more than happy to share her experience both as a patient and parent.  She shares Dr. Rojas' love of cake for breakfast; sweets are her weakness!  Good thing she knows a lot of dentists.

Lauren - Welcome Desk

Lauren's bright smile is the first to welcome you to Rojas & Fields Orthodontics!  It may look familiar since she was born and raised in Eagle Rock.  She is quick-witted, genuine, and a joy to chat with on your way in and out of the office.  She is a self-proclaimed professional grilled cheese and smoothie maker and rivals Karina in the animal-loving department.  As the tallest team member, she doubles as the reacher of high things. 

Vanessa - Community Liaison

It takes a special person to be Rojas & Fields Orthodontics' ambassador to the surrounding community and Vanessa is special!  Whether she is delivering goodies or planning an event to remember, her role is to help us connect with friends, families, and colleagues.  When it comes to the LA foodie scene, being a native gives Vanessa an advantage!  She is a lover of sushi and a karaoke enthusiast.  Her daughter is getting an early start and will no doubt follow in her mother's delicious footsteps.

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